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Renewable energy

DSE group (Dutch Sustainable Energy group) is founded in 2009 and started with PV solar installations in 2010. They spring from a Dutch company called Arends Techniek, who has been active in installing solar in the Netherlands for a long time. They have done many installations ranging from small residential up…


Trading and Commodities We operate as intermediates between buyers and sellers of all kind of commodities all over the world. This can be; We have built a strong group of reliable buyers and sellers in all kinds of markets. Therefore we as Connecting the Dots work only with our reliable…

About us

DSE group suplies renewable energy project in Sub Saharan Africa with our sister company ABSolar Africa and is into commodity trade for all kinds of commodities. This ranges from Fuel to any dry commodities

Dutch Sustainable Energy Group is based in the Netherlands. With fast expertise in renewable energy, finance of Renewable energy projects, and commodity trade we have built a huge network of people and parties in the many years of being active in Europe and Africa. In the years we have connected many people and businesses based on our insights of what the people and businesses are doing and who we can link with each other. We learned in the past that It can be very time-consuming to get in contact with the right decision-maker in an organization that can assist you in getting the right deal done. We know that you can waste your precious time when connecting to the wrong people in an organization that keeps you dragging without any result. We can be your guide in getting connected by connecting the Dots.

Our connected companies in Africa:

AB Solar Africa